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Growing up with Danial Jacob Fashions


Welcome to HuskyFashions.com! Home of the Daniel Jacob Collection. We are a specialty niche web retailer providing a true husky fit for boys to men. Our story and company is one that evolved after years of searching for "true" husky size clothing and not finding it. My son Daniel Jacob, as well as many other boys, want to be comfortable with a fit that is truly meant for "husky" while also wearing an up to date style. In the summer of 2003, we took matters into our own hands, and with Daniel's input as well as many other boys, who were happy to be fit models, Husky Fashions evolved.

As parents we want our boys to have the same styles to choose from as their friends. The right fit in the waist, rise and hip area make all the difference to all of us. The boys are not shy about their feedback of what they like and colors they want. With our clothing being a fuller cut then mass merchants, our customer feedback and word of mouth has been tremendous. Our customer feedback and support has been overwhelming since our web store opened and we are forever grateful that we have been able to touch so many different families lives.

Since we are specifically designing for boys wearing husky sizes, our primary goal is manufacturing a quality product that is sized right for our customer base. Although our primary customer service is done online through email it is very important to us. Please email us with any questions or suggestions, as your feedback is important and appreciated. Remember if you do not add sales@huskyfashions.com to your contacts, our emails will end up in your spam, junk or bulk folder.

We hope that we may serve you and thank you for your interest.

Best regards,
Husky Fashions LLC