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The two most important questions I always ask while trying to purchase the right size for my son are:

(1) Where does the waist begin, as well as extend to?
(2) What is the inseam?

I have found that height and weight do not usually coincide with the sizing charts that most companies provide.   Not all waists, heights and weights will align exactly but the most important fit is the waist, hip and rise, as the inseam can always be altered but the other areas don’t have the ease of just a hem.

If you are unsure which size to choose please email us (sales@huskyfashions.com) with your son's waist, inseam, age, weight and current size he is wearing in husky or regular, or contact us through our contact page and we will gladly assist you.

Please see our sizing below:

Elastic Waist Styles and 1/2 Elastic

Size Full Elastic Waist
1/2 Elastic Waist Pant Inseam Short Inseam
4H 23-33 25-33 19 7
6H 24-34 26-34 21 7 1/2
8H 25-36 27-36 23 8
10H 26-37 28-37 24 8 1/2
12H 27-38 30-38 25 9 3/4
14H 28-39 31-39 27 9 3/4 - 10
16H 30-40 32-40 29 9 3/4 - 10
18H 32-42 33-42 30 9 3/4 - 10
20H 34-44 34-44 31 9 3/4 - 10

When measuring the waist area please remember if the pant is worn under the belly, this is the point you are going to measure, it is wherever they wear their pant.  Using a soft tape measure choose your front starting point and simply follow around to this point.  Remember once you have this measurement you don’t want to be in the extreme of either direction relaxed or extended because the item will be too small or too big.  It is best to find the measurement and have at least 3-4 inches at most until full extension depending on personal fit preference.  Example:  waist measurement 34, inseam 25, you would try size 12H. 

The inseam can be measured by starting at the base of the crotch in the pants and following the inside seam down to the inside of the ankle.

If you are unsure which size to choose please send us your son's measurements through our contact page and we will gladly assist you.

Husky Polo Shirts

  H-Small H-Medium H-Large H-X-Large
Chest 38-40 41-43 44-46 46-49
Possible Husky Fashions Pant Size 8H-10H 10H-12H 14H-16H 18H-20H

**Our husky polo shirts are made with the extra room requested across the mid section and shorter in overall length to coordinate with our customer’s needs.  While we show a possible pant size you may be wearing from us, we also know that each individual is unique and this is just shown as a guideline.**

Measuring Instructions:

CHEST:  Using a soft tape measure, have your child’s arms down and slip the measuring tape under arms, go across chest and shoulder blades, holding tape level and firm to obtain the final measurement.

Other Shirts

Currently our shirts (unless otherwise stated) are regular cut shirts. Whatever size you normally buy would be the size you would purchase with us. We are making every effort to bring husky shirts to our line but each new category requires a lot of time and effort to develop. We currently offer the tee shirts for those looking to complement our bottoms and will make every effort to expand this category.


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